Dianna is simply and amazing person and hypnotherapist. In 2016 she made 3 hypnosis session MP3’s for me helping me to affirm healthy eating, relationship, business and exercise goals. I was able to lose 40 pounds in 2017 and have been keeping it off for over 6 months now, had a successful financial year in my business, started dating after a 7 year hiatus from trauma, etc.. I never want to leave the calm oasis that is her office and I could talk and laugh with her for hours! I recommend her highly.



Dianna came highly recommended to me. I met with Dianna in effort to alleviate devastation from my most recent relationship. Not only did Dianna work with me on my heartbreak, she helped me with nightmares, jaw clenching, weight loss, and sleeping habits. In three sessions Dianna helped me greatly through a very challenging time in my life. Walking into her office I was nervous, but immediately after meeting her I knew that she was going to help me. Dianna is extremely talented and works hard to personalize your time with her. It amazed me that each session was created during our meeting and solely from notes on our conversation. Two months post sessions I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt in my life. I’m so very thankful that I decided to meet with Dianna, she has changed my life in ways that I never thought were possible.



Thank you so much, Dianna, of Epiphany Hypnosis, for helping my daughter with her anxiety. I was skeptical before we came to see you, but now wish we had tried hypnosis a long time ago.



I have been petrified to fly for many years now which has become an even bigger problem as I now travel for work. I have tried everything to overcome my fear – or at least manage it – with no real success. I had resigned myself to a life of uncomfortable flying. When I met Dianna, she felt confident that she could help me manage and potentially get over my anxiety with flying. After our first session, I was hooked. Dianna made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Since completing my sessions, I have flown at least 6 times and each time has been a piece of cake. I am no longer anxious to fly, which was well worth the sessions. If you are on the fence about whether hypnosis will work for you, I encourage you to try it. You won’t regret it! Dianna is the best. Thank you, Dianna!



I highly recommend Dianna Drew’s services at Epiphany Hypnosis.  I visited Dianna for assistance in dealing with a stressful personal situation, and the sessions have made a significant difference in reducing my level of anxiety and helping to curtail intrusive thoughts.

Dianna is both a skilled hypnotist and an incredibly caring person.  She took a great deal of time to determine what issues I was dealing with, and tailored her approach to me in a way that felt completely personalized.  She discusses her ideas for the best approach, and suggests the most appropriate background music.  Her office is tastefully decorated and very comfortable and inviting.

In addition to her skill as a hypnotist and her caring manner, what truly sets Dianna apart from all other hypnotists I have encountered is the fact that she tapes each session, erasing all background noise, and then sends it along in a Google drive email.  It’s essentially hypnotherapy “homework” (but very pleasant homework) that reinforces the suggestions and guidance that Dianna makes during the session.  She recommends listening to the recording at least once a day, twice if possible.  I cannot manage twice, but have found that listening once a day (in the morning in my case) has made an enormous difference in maintaining the calming effects of the hypnotherapy session itself.

Dianna is a lovely person; she has a marvelous voice and a really special skill.  I am very grateful to have found her and recommend her services unreservedly.



“Amazing! Dianna Drew at Epiphany Hypnosis helped me to break a bad habit! I could not believe the success I had right from the first session with Dianna. I decided to try hypnosis to break a bad habit that I had been doing for years. I had results right away and had no interest in the habit anymore. It was amazing and incredible and I still cannot believe it.  Dianna is a wonderful woman to know; she is friendly, warm and caring. I felt a connection instantly. I would wholly recommend Dianna and her hypnosis services to try and make changes for yourself. You will be amazed like me.”



“Sometimes I don’t know where to begin so I am going to just jump in and be totally honest. I have been struggling with my weight for years. I was living a yo-yo lifestyle that left me anything but happy. That all changed when I met Dianna Drew. She has transformed the way I look at food and the way I look at myself. Now I know that sounds pretty powerful but it’s true. I signed up for Dianna’s 3 session hypnosis being very leery. After the first session I knew I was on my way to a better life. I am not dieting, I am not struggling with urges to eat food that gives me a temporary high… I am just being. For the first time I don’t think about food as something to satisfy me. I don’t think about the number on the scale and define myself by that number. I eat to fuel my body and when my body is fuel correctly I feel like I can do anything. My energy is higher, my productivity is higher and I am overall happier than I have been in a long time. I’ve completed my three sessions with Dianna and I have no desire to eat anything that is not good for me. At this time I have lost 15lbs (and counting) and have absolutely no urges to try to control. My friends say I look and act different. I feel different. My mindset is different. If you have a situation that you need to take control of (whether it be food, smoking, anxiety, self esteem, etc), I honestly believe that Dianna can help work through to a happier, healthier you. Good luck on your journey, it is truly amazing!”



Dear Dianna,

I never thought I would trust anyone enough to let them hypnotize me and “be inside my mind”.  I really appreciated you taking so much time to talk with me to explain everything and relieve my worries. You are so sweet and you made me feel I would be safe with you. You know I had many things I wanted help with that had bothered me all of my life. I was amazed how relaxed I was able to feel as you did your thing and “put me under!” I felt so great after each of our sessions!

I just had to tell you how surprised I have been with the huge changes in my food choices already! I haven’t wanted to eat the breads I always loved to eat too much of, salads have never tasted better and I even actually turned down an English muffin to have a banana instead!! I never would have done that before! I haven’t eaten chocolate desserts, either! The best part is that I don’t miss them!!

I have already lost 8 pounds! I know I have many more to go, but I just wanted to tell you how excited I am! You have helped me make a change I have always had such trouble with, and I am so grateful.

You are incredible at what you do and I can’t thank you enough! I can’t wait for my sessions to work on my other things!




“I approached Dianna because I needed help with getting the motivation to exercise consistently.  She reinforced my desire to get fit so I would be able to participate in the physical activities my family enjoys.  I found the experience incredibly relaxing and felt very comfortable during the entire session. I would recommend Dianna to anyone who needs help with gaining the motivation needed to achieve their goals.”



“I felt that visiting with Dianna was a very relaxing experience.  She made me feel comfortable right away, her office is very welcoming and calming.  During the first visit we talked a lot about my issue.  She is very easy to talk to and I really trusted that she wanted to help me. I am amazed at the difference hypnosis has made for me and I am so happy to have met her.”